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Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced)

  • Get trained in highest standards of emergency medical services
  • Prepare yourself with necessary skills and training to respond in basic emergency lifesaving situations.
  • 1000 hours of classroom and hand-on training in industry oriented labs
  • Certification by Healthcare Sector Skill Council
  • Lab Sessions for practicals & Industry Sessions for on-job learning
  • Career counseling for job applications & job database assistance

How This Course Can Help You Succeed

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a very important link in the healthcare industry. In India this is a relatively new field and there is an ardent need for trained EMS personnel 

A trained EMT can treat the patient in emergency conditions and save a life. India as a country lacks experts in EMS and hence a trained EMT can bridge that gap between a doctor and a nurse thereby providing highest standards of emergency medical services

About this Course

EMT- Advance is an advance level of EMT. EMT-Advance is trained in all skills of EMT- Basic with advance skills like Manual defibrillation, Advance airway management, Advance trauma care, advance pharmacology approach and basics of ECG

Human Body- Structure & Function

Lifting and Moving Patients

Basic Life Support

Trauma Management

Ambulance Management

Patient Assessment

Medical Emergencies Management

Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills

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