Become a 

Operation Theatre Technician

  • Get trained in highest standards of medicine
  • Prepare yourself with necessary skills and training for working in an  Operation Theatre 
  • 1200 hours of classroom and hand-on training in industry oriented lab
  • Certification by Healthcare Sector Skill Council
  • Lab Sessions for practicals & Industry Sessions for on-job learning
  • Career counseling for job applications & job database assistance

These medical professionals are an essential part of the operation unit team who work along with the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses in order to provide quality patient care before, during and after the surgery

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How This Course Can Help You Succeed

Surgery plays a very important role in treatment of patients, since ancient times and a lot of diseases are cured by surgery or operation only. In an operation theatre – doctors, nurses and the technicians work together. A successful operation is a combined effort of all of them. So along with the skills of doctors and nurses, the skills of the technician also matters. 

The Operation Theatre Technician certification will provide thorough knowledge regarding working in operation theatre along with miscellaneous topics like Infection control, Bio medical waste management etc. 

After completion of the course, you will be able to independently assist to surgeon and anesthetist and can perform role of operation theatre technician, can prepare operation theatre after the surgery and
before the surgery, know about equipment used during the surgery and
emergency kit and maintenance of equipment, have knowledge about infection and infection control and how to prevent from infection and disinfectant and can prepare patient for operative procedure

About this Course

This comprehensive course enables understanding of the skills and professional attributes to become an OT technician. The job prospects for certified Operation Theatre Technicians look quite challenging. After the completion of the course, you start your career as a Junior Operation Theatre Technician after which you move on to becoming Operation Theatre Technician and finally to Senior Operation Theatre Technician.

An Operation Theatre Technician assist Doctors, Anaesthetics and Surgeons during surgery or emergency procedures and they make certain that in every operation the OT protocols and ethics are being followed properly. They carry out the procedure under the command of a surgeon.

Prepare and Maintain OT

Maintain Equipment Support in an Acute Care Environment

Manage Hazardous Waste

Follow Infection Control Policies and Procedures

Radiation Safety Guidelines

Assist Anesthetist in Handling Emergencies

 Medical and Diagnostic Supplies

Prepare Patient for Operative Procedures

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