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These professionals work in a “high touch, high tech field” and it is for that reason they need to stay current on the latest technologies


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X-ray technicians (also known as X-ray technologists or radiologic technologists) use cutting-edge imaging methods to visualize the inside of the human body. The pictures they create help physicians to diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries with great accuracy.

Technicians have a unique opportunity to work with some of the most exciting and groundbreaking medical machinery available. They also get the satisfaction of assisting and supporting patients, including those who are nervous or in pain.

Until a few years ago, almost all X-ray technicians worked in hospitals. However, many health systems now offer MRI, mammography and other imaging services on an outpatient basis. Today, roughly a third of technicians work in physician offices and specialized diagnostic centers.


About this Course

This comprehensive course on explain more about this course. Who conducts this course, What all is covered and so on. Also, include details of the modules that will be covered

An X Ray-Technician works in diagnostic centers and hospitals under the supervision of a radiologist. Key responsibilities are preparing the X-Ray room, machine and patient for the procedure, give proper position to the patient during procedure, operate and maintain an X-Ray machine, explain the procedure to the patient, make reports of the X-Ray and keep a record of the same.

Basic Radiographic Procedures

Patient Care

Radiographic Imaging Equipment

Biomedical Waste Management

Radiation Biology and Protection


Computed Tomography

Basics of Computerized Axial Tomography (CT)

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